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AMAZE: Europe Gets in on Printing in Space

3D Printing and Space seem to be completely intertwined – and that’s a very good thing. We’ve talked before about NASA’s efforts to get printers on the station, but they certainly aren’t the only ones working on the concept. Printing Metal As mentioned previously, it takes a lot of power to send something into space. […]

A New Way to Order 3D Prints: In-Store

A New Way to Order 3D Prints: In-Store

One of the biggest attractions to 3D printing is its accessibility. You can easily purchase your own in-home printer for relatively cheap; and if you just need a handful of items (or don’t feel like owning your own printer), you can place an online order to have your object custom printed for you. But although […]

Custom-Fit Toothbrush: Printing for Your Teeth

Nearly every toothbrush likes to boast that it will give you the cleanest teeth. You can find electric brushes, specially curved handle designs, and even colored bristles that will wear out when it’s time to get a replacement. But when it comes down to it, most brushes look pretty much the same. That is, except […]

Taking Home a Piece of Norway

Browsing through Google Maps or a similar satellite imagery site is a great way to pass an evening. You can pretend that you’re actually visiting places that you’ve never been to, and get an idea of what they look like even if you can’t afford the travel costs. But what if you could hold a physical […]

Got an Idea for Printing Something in Space?

NASA isn’t alone in their work on 3D printers (and products) intended for use in space. A California-based company known as Made in Space plans to launch a 3D printer to space in 2014 – and they’re looking for ideas on what to print. The Trip to Space One of the problems with transporting anything […]