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Up! 3D Printer Review

The Up! 3D printer is another desktop plug-and-play consumer model created by 3D Printing Systems. It comes in two flavors, the Up! Mini and Up! Plus, and is designed to be an easy-to-set-up, relatively inexpensive 3D printer.

up! 3d printer

Cute and minimalist, the Up! 3D printer.


The Up! 3D printer software is lauded for its capabilities in creating support structures for your model, and while the Up! may not be as cheap as the RepRap, it has a much smaller learning curve and is still considered a low-cost desktop model.

How does the Up! 3D printer work?

The Up! utilizes Thermoplastic Extrusion, or TPE, to create models.

The following video shows an Up! printer in action:

The basic TPE process is the same for most consumer 3D printers, as it doesn’t involve bulky, expensive equipment or a complicated technological process. The raw materials used – usually various polymer and thermoplastic filaments – are also quite cheap and available. Still, there’s significant variety between printers using the TPE process – speed, accuracy and specific types of polymers and plastics used.

The Up! 3D printer is fairly average as far as speed and build volume are concerned. In fact, because it’s based on the RepRap model, it doesn’t really add any significant technological improvements. However, its design does make it more user-friendly.  It’s quieter, nicer-looking and more durable than a RepRap Huxley.

TechnologyTPE (Thermplastic Extrusion)
Frame size (Width x Depth x Height)~ 9.6" x 10" x 13.8"
Weight~ 11lbs
Build materials1.75mm ABS plastic (also accepts PLA plastic)
Layer resolutionUp to 0.15mm
Build volume (X,Y,Z)4.7" x 4.7" x 4.7”
PriceStarting at $1,034
Price of materialStarting at $57 per 1kg

For more on the Up! 3D printer, check out the Up! 3D printing resouce page.


The Up! 3D printer is a decent hobbyist device. You don’t need to spend tons of time setting it up or searching for more information. It’s easy to work with and easy to understand, and the intuitive software will have you printing as soon as you get it out of the box.


Make no mistake, the Up! isn’t a top of the line professional 3D printer. Its accuracy, printing speed and build volume are comparable to other hobbyist RepRap printers that are much cheaper.

The bottom line:

The Up! 3D printer is a solid choice if you just want a user-friendly machine that prints, without the need for extreme accuracy or if you aren’t planning to produce large parts. The printer is intuitive to use, considerably smaller than other 3D printers and doesn’t produce much noise. It’s also one of the least expensive out-of-the-box consumer 3D printers.

The Up! 3D printer is a bargain for a minimalist unit that doesn’t require a lot of fuss. If you can get it at a good price, go for it!

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